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Current & Future Programs

Identifying areas of immediate needs in early 2020, helped focus the group with their development of a plan of action. Examples of those initial efforts include:

Citizens Helping Each Other (CHEO) Community Gardens

The CHEO gardens are funded and managed by TWG. Last year’s crop provided more than a ton of fresh produce for local food banks and C-CAP programs. This year the effort has been expanded to three CHEO gardens that are maintained by volunteers helping their community.. See NEWS section of this website for more information.

Seasonal Thermal Shelter

Advocated for the consolidation of the seasonal Thermal Shelters from area churches to a permanent location on 15th Street in the former Warren Middle School.

Food Supplements

Concern over disruptions in the area food chain in 2020 led to an effort to supplement regular food donations with dried food packets that were easy to prepare and were nutritious. Nutriment International, a California non-profit, generously provided over 14,000 meals for use in Warren County and is now helping TWG set up its own food packet operation, which will become a staple in area food banks.

Emergency  Shelter

Contingency arrangements were made for the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational and Conference Center to be used as an emergency women and children’s shelter.

(CURRENT 2021)

– Increased support for the Community Victory Gardens initiative from one to three gardens. See NEWS section of this website for more information.

– Continuing need for food security, Including locally sourced foods, locally produced food packets for long term and emergency use, and increased support for C-CAP and other area food banks. This critical organization needs additional funding to improve its location and storage facilities. See NEWS Section of this website for more information. 

Mental health services. The COVID pandemic has increased the epidemic in opioid abuse as well as a growth in depression and anxiety. As the nearest professional mental health services are in Winchester, alternative approaches to meet the needs within Warren County are being considered. Including public transportation to Winchester hospitals, attracting mental health professionals to Warren County, and support for veterans.

– The pandemic has hurt volunteerism across America and the same is true in Warren County. TWG will be hosting a volunteer fair open to the public in August to help nonprofits recruit volunteers for area projects. See EVENTS section of this website for more information.

– Improved public transportation is needed. Specific needs are for bus routes between Front Royal and Winchester to serve night students at LFCC and a review of the potential needs of over 3.500 veterans residing in Warren County.

Workforce development. The national labor shortage is affecting Warren County. Scholarships are needed for students unable to afford higher education and to provide training for workers in light manufacturing, electrical, HVAC and other skilled trades.

Funding a Thermal Shelter Shower Trailer now under construction to serve the community. See NEWS section of this website for more information.